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Document Requirements

We are not attorneys and therefore not licensed to practice law.  We are not allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including immigration, or charge a fee for those activities.

  1. Your document must be intact, readable and free from damage.

  2. Your document must be complete with blanks only where intended.  Intentional blanks can be indicated with "N/A".​​   If your requested notarial act is to witness your signature - do not sign until your Notary Public arrives.

  3. Documents consisting of more than one page will be stapled together to make a whole and complete organic document.

  4. If your documents are not prepared with the appropriate Notarial Certificate, we will prepare the appropriate certificate and attach it to your document.  (additional fees apply)

  1. The person signing the document must be physically present for a notarization to be completed.

  2. Valid Identification Documents are required to positively identify each client or witness.  Acceptable ID documents include:  any DMV issued ID card or driver license, US passport or passport card, officially recognized passport of a foreign country, US military ID, Tribal ID card, government documents containing the person's photograph and signature, corrections ID.  Oregon does not recognize matricula consular ID cards as an acceptable Identification Document.

  3. The signer must be aware of what they are signing and doing so freely and willingly.  If the intended signer or their witness appears to be incoherent, disoriented or otherwise incapacitated we will refuse to complete the notarization.  This decision is solely at the discretion of the Notary Public.

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Signer/Witness Requirements
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