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What is a Mobile Notary?

Updated: Mar 4

A Mobile Notary, also known as a Traveling Notary, is Notary Public, commissioned by their state, who travels to perform notarial services at a location requested by their client at a specified appointment time, typically to witness the signing of legal documents. Rather than requiring clients to travel to a physical location, mobile notaries go to the client's location, whether that be a home, office, hospital, assisted living, or senior living facility. Some clients choose to meet a Mobile Notary at a coffee shop or other suitable location. Mobile Notaries may charge additional fees for their travel time and expenses.

Why use a Mobile Notary?

Finding an available Notary can be a burden. While some banks, credit unions, mail box stores and other businesses offer on-site notary services, it's not always convenient to use them. The few places that offer Notary services are often selective about what they will notarize – mostly limiting their scope to simple documents. Many will not notarize estate planning documents such as Powers of Attorney, Wills, Advance Directives, Mortgage documents or other seemingly complex legal documents that may require administration of an oath or additional witnesses. Furthermore, busy day-to-day lives or health conditions may impede access to Notary services when travel is impractical or impossible.

Hiring a Mobile Notary offers many advantages. A Mobile Notary saves time which also saves money. Instead of dealing with the burden of driving to find a notary, waiting in line or even worse, driving to discover that the notary isn't available or will not notarize your type of document, a professional Mobile Notary sets a specific appointment time just for you. They travel to meet you at the location you choose saving you the time and cost of traveling to them. Mobile Notaries are often more experienced with all types of notarial acts and all types of documents. A Mobile Notary will make the entire procedure of notarization quick and efficient. Professional Mobile Notary firms often offer the flexibility of very short notice appointments for urgent or emergency service at all hours.

Where do I find a Mobile Notary near me?

To find a Mobile Notary near you a simple Google search for "Mobile Notary" followed by your city and state will provide quick results. For example, in Portland, Oregon search for "mobile notary Portland Oregon". You will see among the first results Notary of Portland. Notary of Portland is a professional Mobile Notary firm offering mobile notary services in the greater Portland metro area, including Vancouver, Washington and surrounding counties in SW Washington and NW Oregon.

Notary of Portland is a full-service Mobile Notary firm. Available 24/7, they offer easy online scheduling of same-day or future appointments on their website. They are licensed, bonded, insured, well-trained and experienced. Whether it’s a single page affidavit or a stack of estate planning documents or contracts with multiple signers in different locations – Notary of Portland is ready and able to assist. They offer document printing, scan and email service and will courier documents before and after signing to title companies, attorney firms or any other location in our service area. And, if additional witnesses are needed, they can provide them.

Other services offered by Notary of Portland include USCIS Form I-9 verification, acting as a document witness for sensitive documents such as applications for Death With Dignity Act medication applications, estate planning documents, certifying copies of identification or other documents, and arranging apostille to legalize vital records or apostille of other notarized legal documents. Additionally, Notary of Portland connects you with resources available if you prefer to self-prepare your legal documents. For example, they recommend Quicken WillMaker 2023 as a resource to customize an estate plan including wills, living trusts, health care directives and financial powers of attorney and other essential documents.

Notary of Portland is the preferred provider and are frequently referred by local hospitals, adult care facilities, attorney firms and healthcare organizations throughout Portland and SW Washington. If you live outside the Portland, Oregon area, Notary of Portland will gladly assist you with a referral to a local Mobile Notary near you. Call Notary of Portland at 971-599-3080 or visit their website for more information.

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