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Mobile Notary Portland, Oregon

We are traveling Notaries commissioned in Oregon and Washington. Our Portland mobile notary service travels throughout Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Marion, Yamhill and Columbia counties in Oregon. We also have mobile notaries that travel throughout Clark, Cowlitz and Skamania counties in Washington.

Remote Online Notarization available nationwide!


We travel to you!

When and where you need a Portland Notary Public is not always convenient. Circumstances may not allow signers to travel offsite to find or meet a Notary. Or if a signer is in a hospital, nursing home or long-term care facility it may simply be impossible for them to travel to meet the Notary. Rather than dealing with traffic, finding parking, waiting in line, potentially losing business opportunities or unnecessarily wasting time and costs of driving from home, a Mobile Notary from Notary of Portland will come to your home, workplace or any other location to handle the notarization process in a few minutes.

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Over 150 legal document templates are available to customize legal documents for print or download. We are not attorneys and therefore not licensed to practice law.  We are not allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including immigration, or charge a fee for those activities.


Notary of Portland is a 24 hour mobile notary service Portland, Oregon providing traveling notaries public throughout the Portland Metro area and also the Vancouver, Washington region.

Most commonly notarized documents using a traveling notary or

mobile notary in Portland, Oregon include:

  • power of attorney

  • durable power of attorney

  • passport parental consent

  • quitclaim deed

  • deed of trust

  • unclaimed property form

  • application for duplicate title

  • affidavit of inheritance

  • affidavit of forgery

  • parental consent for travel

  • grant deed

  • bill of sale

  • living trust

  • contracts

  • temporary guardianship agreement

  • medical authorization for minor

  • child power of attorney

  • identity theft victim's complaint and affidavit

  • retirement distribution

  • designated beneficiary for retirement

  • death benefit form

  • advanced health directive

  • acknowledgments

  • jurats

  • promissory note agreements

  • bank transfer service forms

  • temporary guardianship agreement

  • wills

  • last will and testament

  • application for delivery of mail through an agent

  • Issue a passport to a minor

  • statement of consent

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Notary of Portland provides USCIS Form I-9 employment eligibility verification

Mobile notaries from Notary of Portland are approved to act as authorized representatives to certify eligibility of presented identity documents. A mobile notary acting as a designated representative to perform a Form I-9 verification will travel to meet you in person to assist with accurate completion of the form and to view and verify the original accepted documents that are approved for inclusion on USCIS Form I-9.

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