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Is Remote Online Notarization available in Oregon and Washington?

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Remote Online Notarization (RON) is a process that allows a Notary Public to notarize documents electronically without the need for physical presence in the same location as the signers. It leverages technology to facilitate the notarization process remotely, typically through video conferencing and digital signatures.

Man using Remote Online Notarization with a mobile notary from Notary of Portland in Oregon and Washington
Remote Online Notarization Session

In traditional notarization, the signers and the notary public must be physically present in the same room to verify the

identity of the signer, witness the signing of the document, and apply the notary seal or stamp. RON replaces this in-person requirement with a secure online platform that enables the signer and the notary to interact remotely.

Here's a general overview of how Remote Online Notarization works:

  1. Document preparation: The Notary Public receives the document from the signer, generally by way of email, or from a third party. The Notary Public reviews the document to ensure it meets the requirements for electronic notarization and prepares the document for digital signing using a Remote Online Notarization platform approved by the state in which the Notary Public is located.

  2. Identity verification: The signer provides identification documents to the notary public electronically. The notary verifies the signer's identity through one or a combination of knowledge-based authentication questions, credential analysis, and biometric technologies.

  3. Video conference: The signers and the notary join a video conference at a scheduled time using a secure online platform. They can see and hear each other in real-time, facilitating communication and the notarial act.

  4. Document signing: The signer electronically signs the document using a digital signature. The notary observes the signing process and ensures its integrity.

  5. Notarial act: The notary electronically signs the document and applies an electronic seal or digital certificate to the document to indicate that it has been notarized. This seal typically includes information such as the notary's name, jurisdiction, commission number, and the date of notarization.

  6. Recording and storage: The notary keeps an electronic record of the notarization, including the audio-visual recording of the video conference. These records are securely stored for the required retention period.

Remote Online Notarization offers several advantages, including convenience, accessibility, and increased efficiency. It allows individuals to get their legal documents notarized from anywhere, at any time, without the need for physical travel or scheduling on-site appointments. It can be particularly beneficial for individuals located in remote areas, individuals with limited mobility, or those with time constraints.

Notary of Portland offers RON service for qualifying legal documents. Oregon and Washington laws allow for commissioned Notaries Public with a RON endorsement to perform Remote Online Notarization. Signers can be in any location, including internationally. To inquire about RON or to arrange a session to notarize documents you may text or call Notary of Portland at 971-599-3080 or email your documents to Easy online scheduling for Remote Online Notarization or in-person Mobile Notary Service in the Portland metro area, SW Washington and surrounding counties is available with our online booking calendar at:


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