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Request a Mobile Notary for DMV and Motor Vehicle Documents in Oregon and Washington

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Many DMV and Motor Vehicle transaction forms in Oregon and Washington require notarization if they are not signed in the presence of an authorized DMV employee or an authorized employee of a licensed auto dealer. If you need to sign your documents with a Notary Public in the Portland Metro area or SW Washington a convenient option is to request a Mobile Notary from Notary of Portland.

DMV Forms

Examples of DMV Forms requiring notarization are:

DMV Forms | Mobile Notary Portland | Mobile Notary Vancouver | Notary Near Me
  • Inheritance Affidavit

  • Affidavit to Establish Financial Interest In A Vehicle

  • Notarized Permission Slip to Request Oregon DMV Records

  • Request for Complete Driver History

  • Affidavit of Loss | Release of Interest

  • Release of Interest | Power of Attorney

  • Affidavit of Inheritance | Litigation

Towing and Impound Release Forms

If a vehicle has been towed or impounded and the owners want to allow another person to pick up the vehicle from the tow yard or to remove property from the vehicle, the towing company will usually require a notarized Letter of Permission. You may obtain this permission form from the towing company or they may allow you to write your own permission letter. You may also request a generic form from Notary of Portland. Call us at 971-599-3080 or email to request the form.

Dealership Forms

If you are purchasing a new vehicle from a licensed dealer or selling a vehicle to a licensed dealer and one of the signers is not able to go to the dealership they may require the off-site signer to sign the documents in the presence of a Notary Public. A Mobile Notary will travel to meet you at your home, workplace or any other location you choose at a specific time to assist you with notarization of your documents. Notary of Portland offers easy online scheduling or you may call or text us at 971-599-3080 to arrange an appointment or ask any questions.

Notary of Portland

Notary of Portland offers a professional mobile notary service in the greater Portland metro area including Vancouver and all of SW Washington. Easy online scheduling of same day appointments at all hours and all days is available 24/7. Our traveling notaries are trained, experienced, licensed and insured. We travel to you at the time and to the place you choose. When you need a notary at home, work or any other location, choose Notary of Portland to schedule your appointment. We will arrive on time and complete your notarization professionally and promptly.


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