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Save Time & Money with a Mobile Notary

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Many important legal documents require that signatures be witnessed or acknowledged by a Notary Public. In Oregon, some legal documents do not require notarization but many Portland area residents choose to elevate the credibility of their document by having the document notarized. Notarization is beneficial because a Notary Public signature and stamp increase the inherent value and authenticity of a document. However, when and where you need notary services is not always convenient. Furthermore, circumstances may not allow the signers to travel offsite to a Notary. Fortunately, Notary of Portland offers a 24 hour Mobile Notary service that provides the convenience of notarization at the time and place you choose.

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How does a Mobile Notary Save Time?

Finding an available Notary in Portland can be a burden. While some banks, credit unions, mail box stores and other businesses offer on-site notary services, it's not always convenient to use them. Part of a Notary's assignment is to verify the identity of the signers which requires that they physically appear before the Notary and provide acceptable proof of their identity. If multiple parties are involved this can be terribly inconvenient. Or if a signer is in a hospital, nursing home or long-term care facility it may simply be impossible for them to travel to meet the Notary. And consider drive time, traffic, parking, gas and frustration if you arrive to find that you must wait in line to see a Notary or that they are not available. A Mobile Notary will travel to meet you at the time and place you choose.

Saving Time Saves Money

Time is money. Rather than spending your time tracking down a Notary and coordinating with signers to meet offsite, simply retain a Mobile Notary to travel to your location. It only takes a minute to schedule an appointment online with Notary of Portland to travel to your home, office or other place you choose at a time convenient for you. Rather than dealing with traffic, parking, waiting in line, potentially losing business opportunities or unnecessarily wasting time and costs of driving from home, hire a Mobile Notary to visit you to handle the notarization process in a few minutes.

Choose Notary of Portland

Notary of Portland offers a professional mobile notary service in the greater Portland metro area. Easy online scheduling of same day appointments at all hours and all days is available 24/7. Our traveling notaries are trained, experienced, licensed and insured. We travel to you at the time and to the place you choose. When you need a notary at home, work or any other location, choose Notary of Portland to schedule your appointment. We will arrive on time and complete your notarization professionally and promptly.


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